Chris pine dating zachary quinto

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About the Federation bringing different races and cultures together.

One of the themes in the film seems to be inclusivity.

In 2011, after much speculation on his sexual orientation, he told a New York Magazine reporter that, “as a gay man”, who was then starring on Broadway in Tony Kushner’s Aids-epidemic play Angels in America, he’d been struggling to reconcile the fact of New York legalising same-sex marriage in the same year that a gay teen, Jamey Rodemeyer, had committed suicide due to bullying.

It’s clear that Quinto had planned what he wanted to say (“it was motivated by those kids who were taking their lives”, he tells me), but hadn’t alerted the magazine in advance.

They were spotted together at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Friday, and according to an eyewitness, "they looked very much like a couple, holding hands throughout the evening." Entertainment Tonight reports: "Later, the two were seen together at the NYLON Midnight Garden party.

and I'll just look at Zach and Zach will take it away." Of course, sometimes Quinto has to take it away, like when Pine gets one of his debilitating cases of the munchies.

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), humor, and gory battle scenes in a (mostly) cohesive two-and-a-half-hour epic.

"The worst thing is, you've never met somebody who goes from totally normal to 'I have to eat right now,' says Quinto of Pine.

Doing a junket in Australia one day and finding yourself at another junket in London the next can't be easy on the constitution, which explains why actor Zachary Quinto was clutching a can of Red Bull when we sat down with he and co-stars Sofia Boutella and Chris Pine a few days ago. The other is less tolerant and more judgemental and more fear-driven and fear-based.

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His black hair is gelled and a black T-shirt hugs his chest beneath a fitted black suit.

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