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Dunhill dating key

I don't know about that, but between the Latakia and Orientals in it I can sniff my jar for a while before I get around to lighting up.It has a dark sweetness from the brown Cavendishes and lighter Macedonian, and a woody, leathery smell from the some of the choicest Latakia I have ever experienced.Notes: Previously released by Murray's and Sons, UK This blend has been around forever, and has been enjoyed by many generations of pipe smokers.I looked up the date that it was first introduced to the market, and near as I can tell it was first introducted in 1912. I think that it's been so popular for so long because of its simplicity. There may or may not be some Latakia in there, but if it is it is only in trace amounts.

A more accurate dating would be risky as to the lack of a year suffix.Drawing through the unlit pipe yields a nice leathery flavor - this is another tobacco that I'll sometimes put in a pipe for dinner in a non-smoking environment as I can 'use' the pipe unlit and get a nice flavor.The first match raises a small crown and brings up a dusky sweetness which transmutes almost immediately into a full nutty taste and a semi-sweet aroma which mirrors that in the pouch.Sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved.Great as the `first pipe` arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day.

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