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Quote from a resident: “Astoria manages to maintain its authenticity and sense of community (read: residents who have lived there all their lives and still sit on the stoops in lawn chairs to chat with their neighbors) while at the same time luring in very cool, modern restaurants and shops so that you have the best of everything in one neighborhood.” Bedford-Stuyvesant (aka Bed Stuy) is a Brooklyn neighborhood in the Northern central part of the borough.Not as well known as other Brooklyn ‘hoods like Williamsburg and Park Slope, Bed Stuy is slowly increasing in popularity as the rents are much, MUCH cheaper than almost anywhere else.It’s like observing a lesbian in a comfortable shoe. Earlier this year, Facebook announced a major new initiative called Facebook Live, which was intended to encourage the consumption of minimally produced, real-time video on its site.According to the company’s research, live videos—which feel more spontaneous and authentic—are viewed an average of three times longer than prerecorded videos.Reaching out for help can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never spoken to anyone about the abuse before.Republicans are turning on President Trump over his vicious 'Morning Joe' tweets attacking the show's hosts.

And even if you ARE from here, it’s impossible to keep track of each neighborhood’s monthly mood swings. It’s not an accident that Times Square is not on this list.Fred, New York, NY A: Myself, Carrie, Karey Dornetto and Jon Krisel. Fred, New York, NY A: Personally, I get to hang out in an awesome city and have fun with my friends. guest809691, Unknown Q: Do you get all of your inspiration from real Portlandians or from a random assortment of hipsters and hippies? Fred, New York, NY A: It comes from all over really. No one is saying, hey this is really painful and tragic, and sitting with that.Having compassion but providing the desperate relief of laughter…This seemed like the healthiest, best way to “fight” the gay rights “fight”.Who lives here: The neighborhood is made up of predominantly old-school New Yorkers who were born and raised there.It is the second-largest African-American neighborhood in the country after the city of Detroit.

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