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Sho’s really got his private life on lockdown from the media so all they’ve got is his type is “gyaru-kei” girls, and the Jimusho were really worried when Yamagishi Mai moved from NHK to NEWS ZERO.

The gossip about Jun basically said his preference was stylish and pretty ‘onee-chan’ types, like older women.

In Last Recipe – Kirin no Shita no Kioku, Ninomiya will be playing the role of Mitsuru Sasaki (佐々木充) who is a very talented chef.

Sasaki has a very special gift, which is that he could replicate a meal just by tasting it once.

He also said he has a tendency to fall for his co-stars.

This special request leads him to search for the legendary recipe created by Chef Naotaro Yamagata (山形直太朗) who went to Manchuria in the 1930s.

In July 2015, he held his second art exhibition called Freestyle 2 in Japan, and Freestyle 1 in Shanghai. He had also released a Freestyle 2 photobook which contains the pictures of his artwork, and some behind-the-scene pictures.

He also designed the merchandise that was sold during the exhibitions.

Chef Naotaro Yamagata will be portrayed by Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊).

Other casts that will be featured in the movie include Aoi Miyazaki (宮崎あおい) who plays the role of Chef Naotaro Yamagata’s wife.

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